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Shipping and Logistic

Shipping and logistics have emerged as one of the most important service industries in the present world. Over 80% of word's international trade is transported by sea. The scope of sourcing, security, transportation, timely delivery and distribution of all sorts of commodities and raw materials has become an important factor in the global economic activities. Keeping this in mind Al-Ardh International Co. was founded in 2006. Al-Ardh International Co. undertakes the responsibility of establishing, securing and maintaining the total supply-chain management needed for successful import, delivery, production and distribution of bulk commodities and raw materials .In particular, Al-Ardh International Co. activities address the analysis and evaluation of different critical success factors driving the modes of production and transportation. A logistic infrastructure contributes to develop territorial competitiveness, inter-modality, logistic network and supply chain including freight, transport services, communications and transport pattern. Al-Ardh International Co. seeks to serve the above requirement for its clients. Globalization and its effect have brought and are bringing major changes in the way companies are handling logistics and related operations. By efficient structuring of procurement and distribution, Al-Ardh International Co. emphasizes problem solutions and customized approaches to the treatment of forward and backward linkage movements.